[TUTORIAL] 進撃の巨人 Gear




Hello everyone! The promised three-dimensional maneuver gear tutorial is finally here! It took me quite a while to complete, mainly because somewhere in-between life happened and I had to postpone various things in favour of school and cosplay events/conventions. Thus, I apologize for the time delay! I hope you can understand that I couldn’t finish it in time that easily. (It feels like there was a deadline for it, haha)

It’s more or less a low-budget tutorial, no fancy materials were used. It’s not exactly a ‘step by step’, ‘how-to’ either, but I tried to provide as much commentary as possible and make the explanations as clear as I could. If there any questions, feel free to drop them in my askbox! Also - in case there is a question about specific part I haven’t covered, I’ll definitely make edits in this post if necessary!!  

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